Storm Warning

Vancouver BC Storm Warning! Strong winds and heavy rains!

With the change in seasons comes the change in weather patterns, bringing strong winds and heavy rains to the South Coast. As we all may know, Vancouver BC Storm Warning has just been released and we should be getting ready for the upcoming storm:

What to Do Before a Storm

BC Storm Warning

Winterizing your home before the Fall storms strike is always a comforting exercise. For example:

  • Putting away objects that can cause damage by being whipped around in strong winds;
  • Cleaning out gutters to ensure that any leaves, sticks, and other debris are washed away by heavy rains; clogged gutters could back up and damage your soffit, fascia, roofing, and even attic space (not to mention that water damage could damage the foundation of your home — a costly problem to fix);
  • Checking the siding and trim around your windows; and, most importantly,
  • Inspecting your roofing, watching for any signs of concern before the inevitable series of winter storms roll through.

Vancouver BC Wind Storm - October 2016

What to Do After a Storm

After a weather event, if you don’t notice any obvious damage (i.e. a fallen tree in your backyard, water dripping, or stains on your ceiling) it’s still a good idea to do a walk-around inspection of the exterior of your house to check for damage.

  1. From the ground, you can do a visual inspection of the roof, looking for any damaged or missing shingles.
  2. If there are trees around the perimeter, look for branches on the roof which may have caused punctures through the roofing or siding.
  3. If you notice pieces of your shingles on the ground, your roof is going to be susceptible to leakage.
  4. If you are not able to easily see areas of your roof, or you have any concerns, call an industry professional who can properly do a full inspection and provide you with an estimate if there is repair work required.

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